Monday, August 30, 2010

Tired of Excuses

I'm so tired to trying to lose weight. I'm tired of having every minute of everyday thinking about how I should try to lose weight.
"maybe if I don't eat carbs.....that is how I lost it before....oh wait, I gained it back....maybe I'll count calories...can't I just eat what I want but less of it? know, move more - eat less....that doesn't seem to work for me....something is wrong with my metabolism....maybe I need to adjust my thyroid, I don't think that is it....maybe I'm not honest with myself and I eat too much crap...ok, tomorrow I won't eat any crap".
That crap goes through my head every single day from the minute I wake up to the time my head hits the pillow. I gained 25 lbs since last year. I'm embarrassed to see family and friends I haven't seen for a while. I feel so ashamed of myself. I use to be thin and fit. I don't even recognize myself in pictures.
I'll start one diet like low-carb. Then I want to eat some bread (albeit healthy bread, Ezekial bread, but still bread) so then I decide on a different diet that allows bread. Then I start that diet for a couple days until there is something challenging on that diet...and the cycle continues.
I want to throw my scale away, focus on how I feel and just eat good, healthy foods....and stop making excuses!

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